Evenings with guest

One evening per month at Rivalto is dedicated to informal meetings with accomplished professionals from different sectors of the professional world: the goal is to create a “bridge” between the university world and the professional world, opening a window towards the future.

Below is a list of testimonials of these years. The positions held by the guests refer to the date of the meeting at Rivalto.



November 27th 2010 – Luigi Fozzati
Superintendent of the Archaeological Heritage of Friuli Venezia Giulia

April 28th 2011 – Michele Fabrizio
Full professor of Physics – SISSA

June 21st 2011 – Loris Di Giorgio
Merchant Ship Business Unit – Fincantieri Cantieri Navali Italiani S.p.A.

November 24th 2011 – Vincenzo Reina
Head of Products and Services – Genertel S.p.A. Generali Group

January 26th 2012 – Alberto Bartoli
Associate professor – University of Trieste

March 15th 2012 – Edoardo Perossa
Sales and Marketing Director – INSIEL Mercato S.p.A.

November 27th 2012 – Francisco E. Baralle
General Director at ICGEB

February 28th 2013 – Francesco Riosa
Responsible for Group Institutional Relations – Assicurazioni Generali

April 18th 2013 – Sandro Burello
International Contractor

May 23rd 2013 – Claudia Cassan
Recruitment Development Operation Manager – ManpowerGroup

June 13th 2013 – Marco Cacciaguerra
Vice Prefetto Aggiunto – Territorial Office of the Government in Trieste

December 7th 2013 – Maurizio Fermeglia
Rector of University of Trieste

March 27th 2014 – Enzo Truncellito
Judge of the Criminal Section – Court of Trieste

April 1st 2014 – Susanna Tamaro
Writer of international renown

May 15th 2014 – Roberto Martinelli
General of the Italian Army

May 20th 2014 – Gianni Biolo
Director of Medical Clinic Department – Trieste Hospital

October 16th 2014 – Guido Barbiellini
Professor and Researcher – Past Director of National Institute for Nuclear Physics

November 25th 2014 – Marco Confalonieri
Director of Pulmonogy Department – Trieste Hospital

March 5th 2015 – Walter Sinigoi
Young entrepreneur, founder and manager of startup

April 14th 2015 – Barbara Codan
Young entrepreneur, founder and manager of startup

May 19th 2015 – Francesco Longo
Researcher in Astrophysics – University of Trieste

May 26th 2015 – Franco Delben
Banca Popolare Etica

October 26th 2015 – Carlo Baccigalupi
Professor of Astrophysics – SISSA

December 15th 2015 – Vincenzo Dimastromatteo
Operations Director – Siderurgica Triestina

January 15th 2016 – Riccardo Illy
Entrepreneur and politician

March 21st 2016 – Matteo Bressan
Analyst at NATO Defense College Foundation

April 14th 2016 – Mauro della Porta Raffo
Journalist and writer, RAI television consultant

April 21st 2016 – Massimo Maria Caneva
AESI President

May 5th 2016 – Daniele Brombal
Researcher on China at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice

October 10th 2016 – Paolo Gallina
Professor of Applied Mechanics, University of Trieste

October 25th 2016 – Marco Donda
Commercial Director, SPORTLER Spa

December 16th 2016 – Richard Holloway
Senior Advisor, Teneo Blue Rubicon

February 3rd 2017 – Marco Bartolomei
Head of Legal Area of Investments, Poste Vita Spa

March 16th 2017 – Francesco Russo
Senator of the Italian Republic

March 21st 2017 – Mauro Messerotti
Professor and Reseacher of Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica

November 14th 2017 – Luciano Navarini
Research & Scientific Coordination – Illycaffè S.p.A

November 27th 2017 – Massimiliano Berti
Full Professor of Mathematics – SISSA

December 5th 2017 – Francesco Fabris
Professor of Information Processing Systems

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