About us


Studying in Trieste redefined

Rivalto is a hall of residence for university students ruled by Fondazione Rui, located in the centre of Trieste. Rivalto was opened in 1983 as a cultural center, and since then it has became a meeting place for students, where they are offered encouragement and guidance they need to face with responsibility their future work and the role they will play in the society, in an atmosphere in which love for study, friendship and freedom are particularly emphasized.

Ternova Hall of Residence, a Cultural Center associated with Rui Foundation, is instead a solution for female students looking for a quality accommodation in Trieste. To find out more informations about the offer for female students, contact this number +39040/5700516 or write an email to ternova@fondazionerui.it.

Home sweet home… in Trieste

Rivalto combines the advantages of both accommodation in apartments and in college. Though it provides a high level of autonomy typical of your home, Rivalto’s solution also puts an emphasis on creating groups of friends living in a convivial atmosphere. Such a solution distinguishes hall of residence and, as far as Rivalto is concerned, it is guaranteed by the reliability and the experience of the staff.


Direction Team

Rivalto is lead by professionals in the educational field. Their training is in continuous development; each year the members of the Direction conduct refresher training and methodological enrichment.

The personal relationship that develops between direction and students is one of the many strengths of life at Rivalto; it’s a relationship built on listening and openness, to calmly face the challenges and embrace increasingly ambitious goals.

Striving for excellence

The atmosphere that reigns in Rivalto is that of a typical welcoming home that is always open, where everyone cares for each other and works together for the good of all.

Rivalto doesn’t simply provide housing service. Its offer includes various activities which aim to help students develop their talents during their stay in Trieste for university studies.

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