Ordinary life

A unique experience

Extraordinary spaces create the ideal environment for building friendships, studying, culture and personal training.

The ingredients that make the life at the residence a unique experience are: multiculturalism, training activities, moments of celebration, workshops, and meetings with guest from the public world are.

Rivalto really is the ideal environment to study, have fun and work hard!


Family atmosphere

Life in the Residence is marked by commitment to daily practice, but is enriched by moments of fun, shared experiences, cultural studies and sports, that must be part of a young and university environment.

Like in a family, every resident is called on to take on small tasks to form a strong sense of responsibility and accountability, and to develop human skills both of relational and managerial nature. This approach will provide a wealth of essential experiences for the student’s personal and professional growth.

Special moments

In everyday life in Rivalto there is no shortage of sports activities that students can practice in dedicated spaces, such as the gym.

The most significant annual events include the inauguration of the Academic Year, the celebration of the residents’ birthdays, the party with the families in May.

In the middle of each year residents have the opportunity to spend a weekend abroad, in an international training and tourism context.


Volunteering and becoming socially responsible

The Residence offers small volunteer activities, in order to understand how you can make the difference with just a little help: a soup kitchen, catechism and assisting the elderly.

All this is to give the opportunity to do something that has a broader prospective than just the ordinary university day, to improve in generosity.

In addition to volunteering during the academic year, Fondazione Rui involves both residents in volunteering camps during the summer, in order to come into contact with situations of difficulty and abandonment – orphanages and rural villages – and trying to change them.

Nicaragua, India, Guatemala, Peru and Kenya are just some of the countries in which are in act some developing projects run by Fondazione Rui, together with local or international NGO.

Christian formation

Rivalto is a place where passion for every dimension of human nature is stimulated, with the genuine university spirit: open to truth and respectful of everyone’s freedom.

Through daily dialogue with professors and students, debates and conversations on current issues, the Residence offers the opportunity to confront the great questions of human existence. In the Residence there are some traditions of each Christian family and Holy Mass is celebrated. The chaplain is always available to all students.

Participation in these activities is always voluntary and the Residence is open to students of any religious denomination.

Life @ Rivalto Hall in Trieste: a fully immersive experience in Italy | Rivalto Residenza Universitaria a Trieste, Università degli Studi SISSA